The Bernard Bible Institute 

1 The California Department of BBI is located at the Library in the Palms Research Center, 2328 Via Saldivar Street, Glendale, California 91208-1953.  

Experience the first 300 years of several Christianities, beginning with the earliest followers of Jesus to the time of Constantine the Great in 325 AD at the Nician Council.   Twelve lectures on six DVDs.  

In these beginning years of BBI, the tuition is free.  However, in the near future students must pay an entrance fee and tuition.  The only cost at this time is the cost of materials for study.  Off Campus Class is from the Bernard Bible Institute, the department of Theology.  

1 To join the off campus class, purchase the first four lectures on two DVDs.  When you complete each lecture, answer the questions in the book that is included with the first two DVDs.  Then order the next four lectures on two DVDs.  These two DVDs will have the next four lectures.  The student will continue through the 12 lectures on DVDs until the course is completed.  The student will then use the answers in the book associated with 12 lectures of the first 300 years of Christianity to BBI for writing a five page paper on any of the subjects covered in the course.  

Library in the Palms is a research center where local classes meet under the professorship of Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard that clearly orients students in the world of Greco-Roman pagan cults and the world of early Christianities - examining the beliefs and trials of survival among the four prominent Christianities in the first 300 years AD.  

The entire course of 6 DVDs of 12 lectures will prepare the student for understanding the different Christianities and the New Testament writings in a whole new light.   The earliest Christianities did not come from the New Testament canon.  The written New Testament records came out of Christianity.  The fourth century established and introduced the canonical books to Orthodox Christianity.  What did the different Christianities believe about God?  What did they believe about the world and creation?  What did they believe about Christ?  Was He human or divine?  What did they believe about salvation?  They all had radically different ideas and how did they die out and one belief system prevail?  These questions are dealt with and answered in the course.  Get this degree and place it on the wall of your office and better yet, get the unusual insight and information to bring meat to your teaching others.   

The Course - 1st Century Christianity