39 Generations of the Bernard family

Genealogy has played a major role in lives of Biblical characters of whom have records going back to Adam and Eve.  These early genealogies of the Bible are found in the fourth, fifth and tenth chapters of Genesis, in the first chapter of Matthew, in the third chapter of Luke, and are referred to in many other passages of the Bible.  Genealogy has always been of paramount importance to many cultures and religions.  Here is the genealogy of the Bernard family going back to AD 700.

The Bernards with other Hugenots migrated from France to England during the latter half of the sixteen hundreds seeking religious freedom.  Some of these Hugenots including Peter Bernard came to America about 1700.  John Bernard, son of this Peter Bernard, married Mary Abney on May 2, 1729.  Ten years later in 1739, John and Mary bought two hundred acres of land on Horseley creek in what is now Fluvanna county, Virginia.  it was here and in this vicinity that they lived the remainder of their lives.  They evidently had a large family, but until recently records have been available for only two of their children, John, born in 1736, and Elizabeth who was carried away by the Indians when she was a child.  Based on recent discoveries, however, indisputable evidence is now available to prove that Abner, Peter and at least two or more unnamed girls were children of John Bernard and Mary Abney.

39th generation 

Farrah Lane Dias (daughter of Scarlett Bernard & William James Dias II) born April 9, 2005 in Los Angeles, CA (4PM- 7 lbs - 11 oz - 19.5 inches)

Ashlynn Rae Grippo (daughter of Scarlett Bernard & Tony Grippo)  born April 29, 1994 in Los Angeles, CA (8:30PM - 8 lbs -21 inches)

38th generation

Edwin Dean, Jr. (son of Kathryn Bernard & Douglas Dean)  born September 5, 1944 in Palestine, Texas

Robyn Rene Bernard (daughter of Jerry Bernard & Gaylon Fussell)  born May 26, 1959 in Gladewater, Texas

Crystal Lynn Bernard (daughter of Jerry Bernard & Gaylon Fussell)  born September 30, 1961 in Dallas, Texas

Scarlett Lane Bernard (daughter of Jerry Bernard & Gaylon Fussell)  born February 6, 1970 in Houston, Texas

Angelique Bernard (daughter of Jerry Bernard & Gaylon Fussell)  born April 26, 1972 in Houston, Texas

37th generation

Kathryn Bernard (daughter of Floyd Bernard & Alice Lavada Sexton)  born July 26, 1924 

Jerry Wayne Bernard (adopted son of Floyd Bernard & Alice Lavada Sexton)  born January 18, 1937 in Pilot Point, Texas.  Married to Gaylon Fussell (daughter of Gary Fussell & Doris Mantooth)  born February 12, 1937 in East Texas.

36th generation

Floyd Bernard (son of John Thomas Bernard & Mary Pernecia Davis)  born December 16, 1909 in Thurber, Texas. (died October 1, 1959) Buried in Fort Worth in Garden of Memories.  Married to Alice Lavada Sexton (daughter of Nick Sexton and Mary Buffington) born April 17, 1907. (died  ) Buried in Fort Worth in Garden of Memories.

35th generation

John Thomas Bernard (son of John Dockery Bernard & Sarah Catherine)  born January 31, 1880 in Palo Pinto county in Texas. Married to Mary Pernecia Davis on December 19, 1901 was a coal miner in Mingus, Texas.  Died March 3, 1952 and buried at Strawn in Palo Pinto county.  Mary Pernecia was born February 27, 1883 in Garner of Parker county.  Died February 4, 1952.  Buried at Strawn.  Father was Theodore Davis and mother Barbara Ann Hughes.

34th generation

John Dockery Bernard (son of John Quincy Bernard & Mary Polly Dockery)  born in Kentucky on December 6, 1848. Married Sarah Catherine on March 16, 1869 - witnessed by Silas R. Bernard and John Gossar.  Descendants lived near Parker county.  Sarah was born in Texas in 1851.

33rd generation

John Quincy Bernard (son of John Bernard & Leah)  born in Russell county, Kentucky on October 2, 1821.  On his birthday, 24 years later, he married his first wife, Mary Dockery.  In their family reared in Russell county there were 6 children, 5 boys and one girl.  Mary's father was John Dockery, who was brand father of all descendants of John Quincy and Mary Dockery.  Mary's brother, Hugh was administrator of his deceased father in 1863, the estate sale of which is included below.  The estate sale is recorded in Will Book 2, page 377 of Russell county, Kentucky, dated November 28, 1863.  Mary died in Russell county on September 17, 1869 after which John Quincy and the children migrated to Parker county, Texas where many of their descendants continued to live.

Estate Sale of Deceased John Dockery in 1863

32nd generation

John Bernard, Sr. (son of Charles Bernard & Sarah)  born in Virginia in 1785.  Married Leah about 1805; was probably the third of at least ten children of Charles and Sarah Bernard; migrated to Russell county, Kentucky with his father about 1800, and remained there until his death in 1855.  According to a biography of Dr. Luther Lee Bernard in Who's Who in Kentucky for 1937, John Bernard, Sr. was secretary of the district lodge of Masons for many years and was a friend and political supporter of Andrew Jackson.  Little is known about his marriage or his wife Leah, except that she was his co-signer in various real estate transactions; according to the 1840 census of Russell county they had seven children at home at the time which would not have included other children married or dead before that date.

31st generation

Charles Bernard (son of Abner Bernard & Phebe) first of several children was born about 1757. Migrated to western Virginia and then to Montgomery county, Kentucky with his father Abner, and later settled in what is now Russell county, Kentucky where he remained until his death in 1831.  After reaching his 21st birthday, according to Hill's history of Henry county, Virginia, page 305, Charles took his oath of allegiance to the new government in 1778 during the American Revolution; little is known about his marriage or his wife except that in the deeds of his various real estate deals, his wife Sarah was his co-signer.

30th generation

Abner Bernard (son of John Bernard) born in Albermarie county, Virginia about 1738; married Phebe about 1756; was the second son of John and Mary Abney Bernard; migrated to western Virginia and from there to Montgomery county, Kentucky where he remained until his death.  On of his sons, Abner, migrated to Parke county, Indiana and many of his descendants are still residents in that vicinity.  Charles migrated to Russell county, Kentucky where many of his descendants now live.  It was from these Russell county Bernards that the John Quincy family migrated to Texas and formed the nucleus of the descendants included in the list leading to the Jerry Wayne Bernard family.

29th generation

John Bernard, (son of Peter Bernard & Mary Abney) of Albemarle county, Virginia, whose lands lay in what later became Fluvanna county, Virginia in 1777.  Member of Mary's family also owned land in Albermarle county.  Mary was born about 1710, and she and John married May 2, 1729.  This is the pioneer family, Mary Abney and John Bernard.  

John Bernard's wife, Mary Abney was the daughter of Dannett Abney (son of George Abney of Leicester) who was baptized February 26, 1659 in St. Mary's Church, Leicester and died in 1732 in Virginia; will probated in March 5, 1732 at Charlottesville, Virginia; came to Virginia and brought Paul's future wife, Mary Lee with him; patented 419 acres in Spotsylvania county, Virginia with William Hill, and another 381 acres for himself in the same area, both patents dated September 28, 1928 and both by King George II; after his brother Paul died he married his widow Mary Lee about 1703; after his death his wife Mary Lee then living in Hanover county, Virginia, sold 209 1/2 acres of Spotsylvania grant to Thomas Hickman.

28th generation

Peter Bernard (parents not known) arrived in America about 1700.  Count Pierre (Peter) Bernard of France, with other Bernards came to England, probably during the sixteen hundred seventies with other Huguenots as protestant refugees seeking religious freedom.  It is thought that our grandfather, Peter was the son of Count Pierre.

27th generation

George Abney of Leicester ( son of Paul Abney & Mary Brooksby) baptized July 11, 1613 at St Mary's Church in Leicester and buried there May 3, 1661; married Bathusa and had two sons, Paul and Dannett by Bathusa before his death.  After his death, Bathusa married the Rev. Joseph Lee, Rector of Cotenbach, a widower who had a daughter Mary Lee, who married first Paul Abney in Virginia and second Paul's brother Dannett after Paul's death in Virginia.  Bathusa's will was made January 8, 1706 and left to her only living son, Dannett, the greatest part of her estate.  Dannett was in Virginia at the time and never returned to England to claim this estate.  The estate was escheated to the crown.

26th generation

Paul Abney (son of Edmund Abney & Catherine Ludlam) born in Leicester and died there June 18, 1635; entered pedigree in Harold's Visitation of 1634; married Mary Brooksby, daughter of George Brooksby of Stapleford, Leicestershire.

25th generation

Edmund Abney (son of George Abney & Ellen Wolesley) given 40 acres by his father; settled in Leicester where he was admitted as freeman in 1594 and Counsellor in 1599; served as Lord Mayor of Leicester; married Catherine Ludlam in 1587; will proved January 25, 1604; buried in St. Mary's Church in Leicester.  As wife of Edmund Abney and mother of his children Catherine was our grandmother, and her father William Ludiam was our grandfather.  

William Ludlam: believed to have been born at Oakby about 1528; moved atop Leicester where he engaged in the business of Butcher and Innkeeper; created as Burges in 1550 and Chamberlain in 1576; chosen as one of Mayor's Bretherine in 1576; coroner in 1580; alderman for one of the wards for collecting subsidies in 1590; regularly chosen to be auditor of accounts 1566-1599; one of the commissioners of the first 24 aldermen for life by Queen Elizabeth's Charter of Incorporation of the Borough; Lord Mayor of Leicester in 1587; died in 1602; children were William Ludlam (1568-1628) who served as Lord Mayor in 1624; and Catherine who married Edmund Abney.

24th generation

George Abney, Lord of Willesley (son of John Abney & Margarey) married Ellen Wolesley who died December 3, 1571 at Willesley; purchased Newton and Swebebeston from William Devy of Littleton in Gloucester county; died March 1, 1578 at Willesley and is buried in the Chapel at Willesley with lengthy inscription.  Various documents concerning his activities are recorded in the Willesley Charters.  Ellen Wolesley was the daughter of John, Lord of Wolesley & Anne Stanley.  They lived in the English Castle, home of Ellen Wolesley Abney and twelve generations of our grandparents.

23rd generation

John Abney, Lord of Willesley (son of William Abney) married Margarey; died December 1, 1505 and buried in the Chapel of Willesley.

22nd generation

William Abney, Lord Exparte of Willesley (son of John Abney & daughter of William de Ingwardby); in 1459 according to a recorded document, William Abney accepted a presentment against the heirs of William Ingwardby, signifying that the estates and lands of the heirs of William Ingwardby were then in the possession of William Abney, son and heir of John Abney.

21st generation

John Abney became Lord of Willesley in 1419.

20th generation

William Abney (son of John de Abney)

19th generation

John de Abney (son of William Abney) given possession at Eyam in a poll tax of Richard II in 1388.

18th generation

William Abney (son of William Abney); first witness to Eyam Charter of the Layun's founded in Wooly, original charter VIII, Number 7, in 1329; Eyan was probably in Stoke.

17th generation

William Abney (son of William Albini "abney") witness of a suit of Nicholas de Ingwardby in 1314.

16th generation

William Albini or Abney (son of Robert Albina & Eustacia de Fancourt) succeeded father in 1285

15th generation

Robert Albini of Abney, Lord of Hungerton and Wiwell (son of William Albini & Agnes de meysam); born in 1216 and died in 1286; married Eustacia, daughter of Gerard de Fancourt in 1238, who held Wiwell in her dowry in 1286 which was evidently given her as a dowry at his death.

14th generation

William Albini, Lord of Hungerton and Wiwell (son of Robert Albini) known as "Capilanus" joined with John Fitzherbert in acquisition of land in Norbury and Rossington; married Agnes de Meysam.

13th generation

Robert Albini, Lord of Hungerton and Wiwell (son of William Albini I & Cecilia Bigod); acquired an interest in Stoke in the Manor of Hope in reign of King John.

12th generation

William Albini I (son of William Albini, Jr.) held Stacknorm and Belvoir; acquired lands of South Perthton in Somersetshire by marriage; married Cecilia Bigod, Heiress of Belvoir, who held Roger le Coucel's Manor of South Perthton as the gift of King Henry I.

11th generation

William Albini, Jr. (son of William Albini); acquired lands in England after the conquest, among which was le Meshin; owner of Stockmore and Belvoir.

10th generation

William Albini, Pincerna of King William i, (son of  Nigel III); settled at Dol in Brittany.

9th generation

Neil (Nigel III) de St. Sauveur, Viscount of the Cotentin, (son of Nigel II & Helena, daughter of Richard II); revolted with other barons against Duke William of Normandy in 1047; defeated and banished by Duke William and settled at d'aubigney in Brittany.

8th generation

Neil (Nigel II) de St. Sauveur, Viscount of the Contentin (son of Roger de St. Sauveur); defeated the army of King Aethereld of England in valley of the Sair; married Helena, daughter of Richard II, Duke of Normandy.

7th generation

Roger de St. Sauveur, Viscount of the Cotentin (son of Neil); enlarged Chapel of St. Sauveur.

6th generation

Neil (Nigel), Viscount de St. Sauveur and joint Lord of Channel Islands (son of Richard).

5th generation

Richard, Viscount of the Cotentin in 933; (son of Malhulc); joint Lord of Channel Islands; founder of Chapel of St. Sauveur.

4th generation

Malhulc (son of Eystein Glumra & Asda); went with nephew Rollo to Normandy; founder of family of Viscounts de St. Sauveur in the Cotentin, and also the families of Toeni, Conches, and Viscounts of Bayeux, all of which tie into the Abney family.

3rd generation

Eystein Glumra, Earl of the Uplands in Norway, (son of Ivar); Married Asda, daughter of Rangwald, Earl of Jutland.

2nd generation

Ivar "The Great," Earl of the Uplands in Norway; (son of Haldane)

1st generation

Haldane "The Old," Earl of the Uplands in Norway, born about 775

This completes the record of names that we have searched out through records, tombstones and personal genealogies of different people associated with the Bernard family.  The genealogy of one Anne Gorsuch extends very far back in history and is associated in our family line.  In her genealogy, there are several intermarriages between her line and our own line.  It is recorded that in her generation, number 111 - Matilda, daughter of Malcolm III, King of Scotland, "grandfather" of Anne, married our "grandfather," Henry I, King of England (54A3).  In Generation 112, David I, King of Scotland, "grandfather" of Anne, married Matilda who was the daughter of our "grandfather," Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon (52nd gen).  In Generation 113, Prince Henry of Scotland, Earl of North-umberland, "grandfather" of Anne, married Adeline de Warren who was of the same family of Maude de Warren who married our "grandfather," William Albini II (her 57th gen. our 10th gen.), third Earl of Arundel (58th gen), and also of the Castle of Belvoir.  In this marriage, both Robert Roos and his wife Isabelle d'Albini were of the Castle Belvoir.  In view of these intermarriages between the lines of Anne Gorsuch and our own, it is practically certain that her ancestors would also be our ancestors.