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All four books retail for $37.00.  Sale @ $30.00 

Judaism and Christianity unMasked

This is a four volume set of a solid foundation for further studies in Christianity.  The most popular of the Bernard items.  The study is clean and clear enough for you to teach your friends about the beginnings of Judaism and Christianity. You may purchase the four volumes for only $30.00 or get them separately as they are listed below.  The Source or Roots of the Jews / The Sign of the Return or Coming / The Semite or Rabbi after 70 AD / The Silence of Christianity After 70 AD.  These books give the Biblical facts and dates of the origin and end of things.  These four volumes will give you all the information for you to decide on the issues.  

"The Source" - Book Sale @ $6.95  

"The Source"  The origin of the Jews.  The first Temple did not know the Jew.  It was not until the Prophet Ezekiel created the Jew, which created a design for the Second Temple.  Abraham was not a Jew.  David was not a Jew.  So, who are these Second Temple Jews?  This volume gives the Biblical facts and dates of the plans and beginning of the Second Temple Jew.  It was within an exiled nation after the destruction of the first temple in BC 586.  Ezekiel mastered their problem and became the Father of Judaism.

"The Sign" - Book Sale @ $7.95  

"The Sign"  The lone sign of the Coming of Christ.  Since no one knew when the coming of Christ would be, the Disciples asked Jesus what the physical sign would be.  This volume researches the account of Luke, the 21st chapter about the Parousia.  Josephus, the Roman historian gives an eye witness of the events of the Parousia.

"The Semite" - Book Sale @ $8.95

"The Semite or Judean"  The modern Rabbinic Jew.  Are they a nation, race or religion?  Can they survive with their identity intact?  If they try to blend in, will they be accepted?  Where can they live in peace and security?  Must they have their own country?  Should there be a Jewish State in Israel?  This book tells it all.

"The Silence" - Book Sale @ $12.95

"The Silence of Christian history On Trial" Three possibilities of what caused the awesome silence of Christian activity and ministries at the close of the 1st century.  We look in the early manuscripts at the great apostasy from the faith and the martyrdom of so many Christians.  That leaves only one other option.  All three options are considered in this book.  Read it and decide.

"Companion Bible" & "Revelation" on CD for the computer.
 "The Companion Bible" & "Revelation" CD
 $19.95    Special Sale @ $10.00
CD of the "Companion Bible" and "Revelation" by E.W.Bullinger.  This Bible sells for around $49.00 to $135.00 in the Book Stores.  You may order both books from London.  However, the cost goes up because of postage.  Dr. Bernard studies from this KJV Bible.  It is a great help with Greek and Hebrew word study.  You may have this wealth of knowledge from both books to read on your computer for the SALE price of only $10.00
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From the ruins of Babylon, Archeologist have uncovered rocks, pottery and scrolls that record the past and give light and understanding to the stories of the Bible, These creation and flood stories have greatly influenced the authors of our Canon.  "Nothing new is under the sun."  Therefore, the Babylon stories are brought together with the Canon in order to understand the thinking of the biblical authors.  After studying the translations of the Cuneiform writings the following books are offered to the reader with the hope that you will have a better understanding of your Bible and Christian faith.   

"REALITY or Hoax?"   

$18.95    Sale @ $16.00

The mystery of reality has given rise a million questions.  One can take a pleasant stroll down the road of philosophy, science and reason in this enlightening book of 86 pages.  It is the most challenging book I have written on what is real and what is hoax.   You can purchase this, my last book at the sale price of $15.00.  Those that have read the book say that they must put it down and think for a while before taking it up again.  Do not dismiss this book as uninteresting and off course.  Put this book on your list of important information for your library.  Encluded is Dr. Bernard's lecture on "God, Myth or Reality".  Also is his take on the "God of History".   

"Living with Meaning and Worth"  

$24.95    Sale @ $20.00

There are 82 contributors to this enlightening book of 250 pages.  It is the most gratifying book I have written on encouragement to both Christians and non-Christians.  You can purchase this book at this sale price of $20.00.  Those that have read the book say it is the best on the market for helping individuals find their worth and meaning.  Do not sell this book short.  Eighty-two brilliant contributions will lift the reader to a new level of living.   

"The Revelation - Author & Date"  

$18.95    Sale @ $16.00

In chapter one the date and author are examined by the early Church theologians.  Polycarp's statement, with all its uncertainty is the only evidence for the "late date" theory of Revelation's authorship.  Chapter two examines the internal evidence of date and author.   The author of the Revelation is unfolded in chapter three.  The book of Revelation is looked at again with new eyes.  This is a clear and brief study of Revelation and the Coming of the Lord in AD 70. The information is of timeless relevance.  The book is 185 pages in length. It is the most gratifying book I have written on eschatology.  You can purchase this, my next to the last book here at this sale price of $15.00. 

"The Ancient of Days - Manna Machine"  

$24.95    Sale @ $20.00

An old hoax revealed.  The name clouds the truth.  This "Transportable One with Tanks" was given to Moses by angels as a food machine for the desert wanderings.  It was powerful enough to feed and preserve the newly formed nation of Israel in the wilderness for forty years and also kill people.  It sells for $24.95 retail from the publisher but our sale price is $20.00.  

"Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory"   

$12.95    Sale @ $10.00 

Since this was a first century hope, what do we have today.  Do we have the indwelling presence of God?  This 1,900 word book explains John 14 and 1 Corinthians 15.  In these pages we find the promise to us today.  This is a must for your library. 

"The Lost Letter to the Laodiceans" 

$9.95    Sale @ $7.00

Paul told the Colossians to read the letter coming from Laodicea and let them read your letter.  This letter has been highly esteemed by several learned men of the Church of Rome and others, including the Quakers that have a translation and strongly appeal to others for its canonistic acceptance.  The idea that Paul wrote one epistle (Hebrews) to the Jews and fourteen epistles to the Gentiles give rise to this Laodicean letter.  As one reads the epistle, a calm assurance comes to the mind that one is reading one of Paul's letters.  It has all the marks of a Pauline letter.  

"A Man & Two Trees" Resurrection 

$16.95    Sale @ $14.00

The new book by Jerry Bernard.  This passage in the New Testament gives one everything that is needed to learn about the nature of death and resurrection.  Be sure and order this book today for the sale price of $14.00.  I bought several boxes of this book and the cost was $9 for each book.  The postage went to $40.  We are trying to clean out the warehouse of books.  This is your chance to get them at the lowest price available.   

"Discovering the Original Gospel of John" (two authors and the portions they contributed) 

$18.95    Sale @ $16.00 

The contents of this book are fascinating. It tells of how the Gospels arrived in Christianity.  It explains why we think that there are two authors.  It looks at the virgin birth and humanity of Jesus.  The term "Son of God" is looked at and the differences between John and the synoptic Gospels.  No book on the subject of the Gospel of John is more complete than this one.  Be sure and order this book today. 

"The Battle of Armageddon"  (when?)  

$12.95    Sale @ $10.00

Many of us have listened to bone-chilling sermons through out our lifetimes about how very soon, possibly this very night a great and terrible battle would begin in the very large valley of Armageddon.  Then the Lord would split the skies open to return to earth and reign for 1,000 years until the heavens and earth are dissolved into nothingness.  The answer to who is the Son of Man and what is the rapture.  There have been more response to this book than any other.  Be sure and order this book today. 

"Born Crucified" by L.E. Maxwell     

  $16.95    Sale @ $14.00 

This book was handed to me (Jerry Bernard) in 1960 and after reading it my life changed.  I no longer lived in condemnation.  I learned who I was in the eyes of God.  I listened to the author speak and went forward in the service that night and surrendered my faith to His revealed Word.  If there is the smallest hint of doubt in your soul about how to become victorious in Christ, get this book.  It will revolutionize your thinking and life.  Be sure and order this book today.  (Only 25 left in stock)

"The Parousia" by James Stuart Russell    

$26.95    Sale @ $20.00 

One of the most important treatments on Biblical eschatology that is available to the student of the Bible.  This book clears up the time-frame references of the New Testament about the Second Coming of Christ.  No one should think that they understand the Advent without first consulting this 19th century work. (Only four left)

"Beyond Creation -Science"   by Tim Martin & Jeff Vaughn, Ph.D.   

$29.95    Sale @ $20.00

Today creation and the End Time theories takes front stage in the interests of the Bible student.  This book will soon become the standard work in creation and prophetic studies for years to come.  This book has become available for our Book store to offer it to you because of the grace and concern of Tim Martin's and Jeff Vaughn's interest in our work.  (Only six left)

"Assyria, Princes, Priests and People by A.H.Sayce     

  $29.95    Sale @ $20.00 

At the head of the divine hierarchy still stood the old triad of Anu, Mul-ge, and Ea. Mul-ge's name, however, was changed to Bel, but since Merodach was also known as Bel, he fell more and more into the background, especially after the rise of Babylon, of which city Merodach was the patron deity. At Nipur, now Niffer, alone, he continued to be worshipped down into late times. His consort was Bilat, or Beltis, 'the great lady,' who eventually came to be regarded as the wife of Merodach rather than of 'the other Bel.' Like Anu and Ea, Bel was the offspring of Sar and Kisar, the upper and lower firmaments.  Anu was the visible sky, but he also represented the invisible heaven, which was supposed to extend above the visible one, and to be the abode of the gods. The chief seat of his worship was Erech, where he was regarded as the oldest of the gods, and the original creator of the universe. But elsewhere, also, he was. looked upon as the creator of the visible world, and the father of the gods. By his side, in the Semitic period, stood the goddess Anat, whose attributes were derived from his. The worship of Anat spread from Babylonia to the Canaanites, as is shown by the geographical names Beth Anath, 'the temple of Anat' (Josh. xix. 38 ; xv. 59), and Anathoth, the city of 'the goddesses Anat.' It was even introduced into Egypt after the Asiatic wars of the eighteenth dynasty. In the prae-Semitic days of Chaldea, a monotheistic school had flourished, which resolved the various deities of the Accadian belief into manifestations of the one supreme god, Anu; and old hymns exist in which reference is made to 'the one [59] god. 'But this school never seems to have numbered many adherents, and it eventually died out. Its existence, however, reminds us of the fact that Abraham was born in 'Ur of the Chaldees.'  If you want to know the beginning of the gods, this is your book.  (It is old but in good shape.)  

" Figures of Speech in the Bible" By Bullinger     

  $39.95    Sale @ $29.00

A figure is simply a word or a sentence thrown into a peculiar form, different from its original or simplest meaning or use. These form are constantly used by every speaker and writer. It is impossible to hold the simplest conversation or to write a few sentences without, it may be unconsciously, making use of figures. We may say, "the ground needs rain": that is a plain, cold matter-of-fact statement; but if we say "the ground is thirsty" we immediately use a figure. Some figures are common to Hebrew and Greek and not to English. There are figures used in the English language, which have nothing that answers to them in Hebrew or Greek. How are we to know? We take most of the scripture as literal. However, much of it is in figures. This 1100 pages book takes each case and lays it out for the reader to understand. 

DVDs from BBI

"First Century Christianities" 6 DVDs     

$480.00   at BBI.  Special Sale @ $179.00 

From the Bernard Bible Institute... Twelve Lectures given at BBI to graduate students are now on six DVDs with a Book of Questions. 

From your computer or TV, you can study the lectures of Dr. Bernard about Christianity not coming from New Testament scripture.  The NT Canon developed from the several different Christianities in the first 300 years.  There were Jewish Christians, Roman Christians and Gnostic Christians.  These three did not agree on every issue.  Therefore, divisions kept arising until AD 325. These twelve lectures will show that Christianity was never a monolith.  When the student finishes each DVD of two lectures he or she may answer the questions in the book and after the last lecture is view and the answers sent in, a teaching certificate will be given.  This course is on the level of first year college.  

"Crucified With Christ" DVD  of six "fireside" talks on victorious Christian living. 

$19.95    Sale @ $15.00

A Christless cross... no refuge there for me;  A crossless Christ my Savior could never be: But, O CHRIST CRUCIFIED, I rest myself in Thee.  The victorious Christian life depends very little on how one feels.  For the victory is built upon the knowledge that one has.  I realize a new life as I see my old life on the cross.  As I yield all to the power of His death, I shall be "in the likeness of His resurrection."  The knowledge that we need for the victorious life is to know our union with Him in His death, entombment and resurrection.  If I know that I have died with Him, I will know that I was raised with Him to live in newness of life.  This is the victorious life.  JWB 

DVD of "God, Myth or Reality"    (2 lectures)

$19.95  Sale @ $10.00 

This DVD by Jerry Bernard is a lecture about what one must do first to approach the understanding of an Ultimate Reality.  He speaks about what an Ultimate Reality or being is.  Is the ultimate being an object that one can contemplate or is it a subject to be engulfed in?  The DVD is made up of two lectures that Dr. Bernard gave in two days of a Scripture Research Conference in California.  Be sure and order this book today for the sale price of $10.00.


"The Last Days" Video     

$19.95    Sale @ $10.00

Popular prophecy "experts," like Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, Jack Van Impe and Grant Jeffrey assure us that we are in the last days.  But, the 1st century writers of the New Testament claim that both Jesus' earthly ministry and the time of the end had arrived.  In this video you will discover: when and how the biblical "Last Days" actually occurred; why modern-day end-time pundits are dead wrong; the true identity of the "world" that was passing away; why our world is never going to end; the basis for the next reformation of Christianity.  (Only two left)

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