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On Important Books


Great Books for your library:                            .

Discounts of 41% & 50% on these first two books.

 "The Parousia" @ $20.00

Retail: $40.00 - Discount: 50% = $20.00 

Author, James Stuart Russell's magnum opus is once again available - this time to a new generation of readers.  An exhaustive study into the Coming of the Lord in AD 70  - the most complete and comprehensive study of end times  - is of timeless relevance.  608 pages. It is the most astounding book I have read on the Second Coming of the Lord.  You can purchase this wonderful book by James Stuart Russell here at this price. 

 "The Seed of the Woman" @ $29.00

Retail: $45.00 - Discount: 48% = $29.00 

 Out of all the books on the shelves of my research library, this is the last book I will let go of.  It is the most astounding book I have read outside the "Bible" and "The Parousia."  You can purchase this wonderful 604 pages book by Author Custance here, at this price.  It sells for $45.00 retail from the publisher.  

Preterist books on sale at great prices:

  "A Preterist Looks At Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory" by Jerry Bernard @ $10.00

Since this was a first century hope, what do we have today.  Do we have the indwelling presence of God?  This 1,900 word book explains John 14 and 1 Corinthians 15.  In these pages we find the promise to us today.  This is a must for your library. 


  "Can God Tell Time? by Don K. Preston @ $3.50

The timing of the Second Coming of Christ was made plain for the first century Christians.  It was near.  Was the Divine record incorrect?  Did the Scripture give us the right time?  Find out from this research by Don Preston.


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