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This is research from many old Jewish books, placed in an ebook for study on the PC computer. Every Bible student should have this compilation of material.  It is Four Volumes with many Pictures and maps.

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The Source of the Jews' origin / The Sign of the Second Coming End / The Semite of the Second Century / The Silence of Second Century Christianity.  This CD ebook gives the Biblical and historical facts and dates of the origin and end of all things.  This CD will read on your PC computer.  This is the best way to study.  You can print out what information you want out of this CD.  

Contents of this 4 Volume CD for the computer

"The Source"  The origin of the Jews.  The first Temple did not know the Jew.  It was not until the prophet Ezekiel created the Jew, that built the second temple.  Neither David nor Abraham were Jews.  So, who were the Second Temple Jews?  This first volume gives the Biblical facts and dates of the plans and beginning of the Second Temple Jew.

"The Sign"  The sign of the Coming of Christ.  Since no one knew when the coming of Christ would be, the Disciples asked Jesus what the physical sign would be.  This volume researches the account of Luke 21 about the Parousia (Arrival).  Josephus, the Roman historian gives an eye witness account of the days before the Parousia.

"The Semite"  Modern Rabbinic Jews, are they a nation, race or religion?  Can they survive with their identity intact?  If they try to blend in, will they be accepted?  Where can they live in peace and security?  Must they have their own country?  Their debate is: should there be a Jewish State in Israel? 

"The Silence of Christian history On Trial"  There are three possibilities of what caused the awesome silence of Christian activity and ministries at the close of the 1st century.  We look in early manuscripts at (1) the great apostasy from the faith and (2) the martyrdom of so many.  This leaves only one other option.  This is searched out in the Scripture and other first century writings and discoveries.  All three options are considered in this Ebook.  Read it on your computer and decide.